The Service Buildings of the Castle

To manage the great structure of the Castle, take care of the gardens, and maintain the decorum of the property, the Roero Counts needed service buildings to accommodate the dependencies of the Castle. Precisely for this reason, over the years the Counts purchased the buildings that had sprung up near the Castle as a settlement outside the walls. Beyond the walls of the buildings that border the road running along the Castle were the stables, the gardens, the spinning mill, and other dependencies.

Along the road that runs along the Castle it is possible to notice the entrance arch to a courtyard, surmounted by the Roero coat of arms. It was the entrance to the Horse Farm of the Counts, also used during the visits of nobles and high-ranking personalities.
Following the same route, it is also possible to see the ancient Spinning Mill of the Roero family, that is the building for the breeding and processing of silkworms. Until after World War II, in fact, silkworm breeding was very widespread in Piedmont and especially in the province of Cuneo: each family based part of their livelihood on this activity.

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