The Paramuro

The term “paramuro” refers to a sort of corridor that divided the houses from the walls that surrounded the town in the Middle Ages.

Sometimes, the same term also indicated an escarpment that protected the inhabited area.
In the case of Guarene, this protection was also useful in relation to nature, to counteract landslides that have always characterized the history of the country.

After losing its defensive function, the paramuro became a place for walks, once the prerogative of the wealthy families of the country or of the vacationers at the end of the mass, and today of all those who want to enjoy a beautiful view.

From this observation point can be appreciated both the layout of the houses of the village, built around the hill, and the surrounding landscape of the Langhe, where Barbaresco, with its medieval tower that stands out on the hills, and the city of Alba can easily be recognized.

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