The Intersection of St. Anthony

The first stage of the ArchItinera itinerary coincides with the Intersection of St. Anthony, which is the most scenic entrance to Guarene.
The road that arrives from Castagnito is progressively transformed into an avenue that frames the bulk of the Castle, like an optical telescope that focuses on architecture, realizing that union between landscape and architecture very dear to the Baroque.

The name of the intersection is linked to the chapel located on one of the corners. Already in the 16th century there was a votive shrine dedicated to St. Anthony; over time it became a real church, but in 1860 it was demolished and rebuilt with reduced dimensions, because it was an obstacle to traffic. This area has always been outside the medieval walls that surrounded the town, a condition that over the centuries led to the construction of farmsteads and farmhouses.

In fact, like other towns in the area, Guarene has always been linked to agriculture: in addition to wine production and the cultivation of cereals, the cultivation of fruit is worth mentioning, among which the Piedmonts hazelnut and the Madernassa pear.
The farmstead located on the left of the road, which also takes its name from the small chapel of St. Anthony, is the most important building in the area.
Purchased by the Roero family, Lords of Guarene for several centuries, it was one of the main possessions of the Counts, who developed their agricultural activities here. On the fa├žade, the coat of arms of the family is still recognizable: three cartwheels.

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